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      Sandra Mayo

      28.06.17 I just wanted to say a big thank you for the support you are providing to Julie. I went to visit her yesterday and she was really singing your praises! She said that she was “really, really” impressed with the service you have given her, even though she has only seen you twice. She couldn’t thank me enough for referring her to you.

      Priority Families Employment Advisor
      Children and Families Department I Loxley House I Station Street I Nottingham I NG2 3NG

      17.06.17 Just 6 months ago Miss S and her child were living in temporary emergency accommodation due to circumstances beyond her control. Since the council has been able to rehouse her, she has been determined to get back on track and provide stability for herself and her child. She has furnished and decorated her property on her low income by being resourceful and using local furniture projects. She has also accessed support through the advice centre and the Money Sorted project. Miss S remained positive even when circumstances dictated otherwise, and this attitude has helped ensure she was successful in her application to be a family volunteer.

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